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Meet some of the 80+ Companies in the Snapdragon Spaces Ecosystem

Snapdragon Spaces is building an ecosystem of leading global operators and smartphone OEMs to bring headworn XR experiences to market.

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Meet some of the 80+ Companies in the Snapdragon Spaces Ecosystem

At AWE 2023 we announced that our Snapdragon Spaces Pathfinder Program has grown to over 80 member companies. This program helps qualifying developers succeed through early access to platform technology, project funding, co-marketing and promotion, and hardware development kits.

September 18, 2022

But it’s not just program members who make up the ecosystem behind our Snapdragon Spaces™ XR Developer Platform. Qualcomm Technologies is collaborating with an ecosystem of leading global operators and smartphone OEMs to bring headworn XR experiences to market across devices and regions around the world. In conjunction with 3D engine developers and content creators building immersive XR content, this ecosystem of companies is ushering in the next generation of XR headsets and experiences to the market.

Several of these companies have publicly announced how they’re collaborating with the platform and use Snapdragon Spaces to build apps for headworn XR. With so many projects spanning a wide range of verticals and use cases, you can’t help but become inspired. So, we decided to share the links to these announcements, organized by vertical, hoping they’ll inspire your next XR project.

Enterprise: Collaboration

  • Arthur Digital : Immersive collaborative products, including virtual whiteboards, screen sharing, and real-time spatial communication for distributed teams. Use cases include learning and development, and workshops.

  • Arvizio : Their AR Instructor product offers live see-what-I-see videos and interactive mark-ups in AR, enabling instructions to be overlaid in the user’s field of view.

  • Hololight : Company’s Stream SDK offloads real-time rendering of compute-intensive images in AR/VR apps to powerful cloud infrastructure or local servers.

  • Lenovo : Lenovo is working with several XR developers to make cutting-edge applications powered by Snapdragon Spaces technology available on the ThinkReality VRX. Use cases today include immersive training as well as collaboration in 3D environments.

  • Pretia : The company is porting its MetaAssist mobile app to AR glasses.

  • ScopeAR : Frontline workers use the company’s WorkLink AR app for employee training, product and equipment assembly, maintenance and repair, field and customer support, and more.

  • Sphere : The company creates AR environment where remote teams feel like they are working in the same room through highly-realistic avatars, real-time spatial-audio language translations, and integrations with conventional conferencing

  • Taqtile : Their Manifest application enables deskless workers to access AR-enabled instructions and remote experts to perform tasks more efficiently and safely. It supports an expanding number of heads-up displays (HUDs), so enterprise customers can select hardware platforms based on their requirements


  • DataMesh : Digital twin content creation and collaboration platform makes digital twins more accessible to frontline workers and creators while addressing workflow challenges in training, planning, and operations.

  • DigiLens : Waveguide display technologies and headworn smartglasses for enterprise and industrial use cases, powered by the Snapdragon XR2 5G Platform .

  • Pixo VR : Simplifies access to and management of XR content. The platform can host any XR content, works on all devices, and offers a vast library of off-the-shelf VR training content.

  • Roundtable Learning : VR headsets for immersive enterprise training solutions.

  • Uptale : Immersive learning ranging from standard operating procedures and security rules to quality control and managerial situations, and onboarding.


  • Nomtek : Their StickiesXR project is a Figma prototype that transforms traditional 2D workflows into XR experiences.


  • AWE 2023 award winner PhiBonacci : Provides hands-on training that is safe, efficient, and impactful for learning and working in medical, engineering, and industry 4.0 fields.


  • Wonderland: a development platform for VR, AR and 3D on the web, now built on Snapdragon Spaces to expand cooperation with platform and hardware providers.

  • Wolvic : Offers a multi-device, open-source web browser for XR.

Gaming and Entertainment

  • Mirroscape : MR technology and AR glasses to enable tabletop games in XR. Maps and miniatures are anchored to players’ tables just like real objects, providing them with unique and immersive views from virtually anywhere.

  • Skonec Entertainment : Develops XR content that enables efficient and sophisticated spatial experiences, particularly in XR game development.

Health, Wellness, and Fitness

  • Kittch: Provides interactive cooking instructions and other actions (e.g., set timers) using AR glasses, hand tracking, and eye tracking, thus freeing users’ hands to perform the necessary cooking steps.

  • XR Health : Immersive VR, AR, or MR healthcare experiences, including training and collaboration in 3D, on devices powered by Snapdragon.


  • ArborXR: Provides XR management software to Qualcomm Technologies’ XR customers and OEMs. Organizations can manage device and app deployment and lock down the user experience with a kiosk mode and a customizable launcher.

  • Echo3D : Cloud-based platform that streamlines the distribution of XR software and services.

  • LAMINA1 : Blockchain optimized for the open metaverse, including novel approaches that leverage blockchain, NFTs, and smart contracts to bridge virtual and real-world environments (e.g., next-generation ticketing and loyalty programs).

  • OPPO MR Glass : OPPO MR Glass Developer Edition will become the official Snapdragon Spaces hardware developer kit in China.

  • TCL Ray Neo : The company will upgrade their RayNeo’s AR wearables with spatial awareness, object recognition and tracking, gesture recognition, and more, creating new possibilities in smart home automation, indoor navigation, and gaming.

Get Started

Initially released in June, 2022, and regularly updated (see our changelog) , Snapdragon Spaces provides developers with the versatility to build AR, MR, and VR apps across enterprise and consumer verticals. Developers, operators, and OEMs are free to monetize globally through existing Android-based app store infrastructure on smartphones. With proven technology and a cross-device open ecosystem, Snapdragon Spaces gives developers an XR toolkit to unlock pathways to consumer adoption and monetization.

You can get started on your headworn XR app today with the following resources:

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