Bridging Physical Distances in Hybrid Work Environments by Arthur Technologies

Arthur Technologies is a pioneer in delivering a virtual office platform that revolutionizes how teams collaborate across distances. Using XR to create a synchronous, complex collaborative environment, Arthur combines the in-person presence feel with the benefits of digital communication, overcoming geographic and physical constraints.

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Addressing Hybrid Work Challenges

In the ever-evolving landscape of hybrid work, enterprises struggle with maintaining effective team dynamics and productivity. Traditional tools often fall short in bridging the gap between remote and in-person participants, hindering meaningful collaboration. Arthur Technologies helps enterprises to tackle the complexities of hybrid work environments with its XR collaboration platform and achieve effective collaboration.

Leveraging Snapdragon Spaces for Enhanced XR Experience

Arthur Technologies leverages Snapdragon Spaces to enrich its XR collaboration platform. By integrating this cutting-edge technology, Arthur enhances user engagement, interaction, and overall experience. Snapdragon Spaces provides advanced spatial computing capabilities that are crucial for creating immersive and intuitive virtual environments.

XR experience highlights:

  • High-Performance and Realism: Snapdragon Spaces offers optimized performance through advanced rendering techniques, ensuring high visual fidelity and smooth interactions. This makes virtual meetings and collaborations as seamless and natural as face-to-face interactions.
  • Robust Integration with Hardware Platforms: Snapdragon Spaces is designed to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of hardware platforms, providing flexibility and scalability for diverse enterprise needs. This helps ensure that the Arthur virtual office platform is accessible and effective across various devices.

XR platform empowers Arthur Technologies to deliver a more realistic, responsive, and high-performing XR experience, enhancing the effectiveness of virtual collaboration. Arthur plans to continue exploring additional features of Snapdragon Spaces to further refine and expand their platform’s capabilities.

Proven Results of the Arthur XR Platform

A 2023 empirical study by the University of M√ľnster using the Arthur platform found a 16% improvement in communication, 58% greater sense of closeness to colleagues, 11% higher satisfaction with workshop results, and 15% more comfortable in a VR meeting. Discover more in the Agile empirical study blog by Arthur.

Further, a recent case study featuring Arthur showcased that the client company has had more than 100 activations of VR globally (400% YoY increase) on topics such as collaboration, digital twins, and learning and training in 2023 alone. The case study also highlighted that the project built on Arthur saw over 1,000 employees collaborating in VR with an 8+ Net Promoter Score (NPS), resulting in the reduction of the 3D concept design phase from weeks to hours.

Proven Results of the Arthur XR Platform

“The integration of Snapdragon Spaces has enabled us to take a step forward in enabling a seamless XR collaboration experience for our enterprise clients. We can offer an intuitive user experience that enhances effective collaboration. The XR platform has helped us to improve our application’s performance and adapt our offering more dynamically across various hardware. We look forward to continuing our use of Snapdragon Spaces to deliver the most innovative, intuitive, and effective collaboration solution for our end users irrespective of whether they choose to be in-office, hybrid, or remote.” – Christoph Fleischmann, Founder and CEO, Arthur Technologies

Snapdragon Spaces is a product of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.