Snapdragon Spaces™

Spatial Computing Platform

Accelerate your time to market with Snapdragon Spaces XR Platform

XR optimized chipsets, design blueprints and a ready to use software platform help enable OEM product customization and a cross OEM enterprise app ecosystems for a quicker time to market.

Core Applications

With our comprehensive suite of Core applications, users can seamlessly launch and manage applications, create and manage boundaries, capture photos and videos, configure devices settings, and interact with the device via hands or controllers.

Open by Design

At its core Snapdragon Spaces is built on the industry standard OpenXR specification and is the platform of choice selected by leading device manufacturers for their enterprise products. OpenXR reduces fragmentation and simplifies the creation of immersive applicaitons for developers.

Enterprise Ready Platform

Snapdragon Spaces brings together support from industry leading companies in the ecosystem to accelerate the adoption of XR applications in the enterprise.