Multiplayer world scale AR game by Mohx-games

Mohx-games specializes in games and in-depth AR experiences, bringing the best of two worlds in ”Soul Summoner” – a wizard-themed location-based game for AR glasses.

Having started in augmented reality around three years ago, the company currently focuses its endeavors on entertainment and game experiences. Big believers in AR, the Mohx-games team set a goal to make more people adopt the technology, while bringing users together and fostering real human interaction.

The adoption of new technology comes with a set of challenges. For one, the technology needs to be easy to use, but also compelling, bringing something new, useful or engaging to the user. And what better medium is there than games?

“Soul Summoner” is a cross-platform multiplayer game that allows up to 8 players not just passively observe, but to become truly immersed in the experience. Unlike other AR experiences that rely on computer vision or VPS solutions and can only be played in locations with easily identifiable objects or landmarks, “Soul Summoner” can be played almost everywhere (including parks and open rooms) – all while providing full immersion into an AR world. Players can take full advantage of the world by moving around the space freely, dodging spells and using shields as opposed to just tapping on the screen. “Soul Summoner” on AR glasses is currently an open beta with features being constantly added with the help of their Discord community alongside the mobile version.

AR experience highlights:

  • Cross-platform. Users can play together in multi-player from any device. Finally mobile users can share the same experience, at the same time with users of AR glasses.
  • World scale. “Soul Summoner” is a location-based game that leverages augmented reality and AI and allows users to have an immersive experience in the real world.
  • Role-playing game (RPG). Become a character in real life – players can level up their characters, learn powerful spells and team up to fight demons with other wizards.
  • Immersive map. Explore the real world to find and battle monsters in your area. The action takes place on the map and in your augmented reality fights.
  • Create your own quest. Immerse yourself in a magical world through AR by venturing on a quest or creating your own storyline.

“The Mohx-games team came together to bring fantasy into reality through the use of new technologies. Early posts of our gameplay got the attention of T-Mobile US and Qualcomm Technologies, and we started working with Snapdragon Spaces SDK to bring our game to smart glasses.

Constantly pushing the envelope, we try all the things you can possibly imagine for our multi-player game. As soon as new features come out, we quickly jump in to test them in our experiences. While we still have more challenges, we quickly find solutions that are beneficial for the Snapdragon Spaces program and the entire community. Eventually, our goal is to help bring people together through the lens of augmented reality.”

– Eugene Walsh, founder and COO, Mohx-games