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Shape the future of headworn AR with Snapdragon Spaces

Develop immersive experiences for AR glasses, stretching the limits of reality.

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New Era of Spatial Computing

The Snapdragon Spaces™ platform empowers developers to unlock the full potential of wearable AR using industry-leading technology, a cross-device SDK, and an open ecosystem. We strive to build an accessible XR ecosystem, enabling developers to pioneer innovative experiences that will lead the next generation of immersive technology.

Introducing Snapdragon Spaces

Boundless Innovation with Snapdragon Spaces™

Harnessing the power of Snapdragon, we enable developers to create immersive experiences for AR glasses that adapt to any environment and transform how we connect with the spaces around us.

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Build the reality you imagine

Qualcomm Technologies provides over 14 years of XR research and innovation for you to lean in to. Start developing 3D apps for AR glasses that benefit from robust machine perception, environmental and user understanding.

Open ecosystem, endless possibilities

Our ground-up XR platform supports OpenXR. Join us to build an ecosystem that includes global operators, smartphone OEMs, 3D engines, and immersive XR content that will help bring AR glasses tethered to smartphones to market.

Accelerate your journey into XR

Bring your XR ideas to life quicker with familiar 3D tools, workflows, and app portability of 3D engines from Epic Unreal Engine 4 and Unity AR Foundation.

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Snapdragon Spaces™ Hardware Development Kit

Order Lenovo Think Reality A3 and Motorola edge + smartphone kit and get hands-on with AR.

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Kickstart your ideas with Snapdragon Spaces Pathfinder Program

The Pathfinder Program is designed to help XR innovators get early access to the technology, project funding, co-marketing, promotion, and hardware development kits – everything you need to succeed.

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