Unlock Snapdragon Spaces with new XR Bootcamp course

Are you interested in creating immersive XR experiences for smart glasses? If yes, then this course is for you! We teamed up with XR Bootcamp to create “Getting Started with Snapdragon Spaces” course. In this course, you will learn how to build and run XR experiences using Snapdragon Spaces features. The course will guide you from how to set up the right environment to running your samples using Dual Render Fusion, Hand Tracking and Local Anchors.

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What you will learn:

✓ Module 1: Intro to Snapdragon Spaces SDK

  • 1.1 What is Snapdragon Spaces?
  • 1.2 Features overview
  • 1.3 Registering as a Snapdragon Spaces Developer
  • 1.4 Where to buy the DevKit?

✓ Module 2: Snapdragon Spaces Hardware Development Kit

  • 2.1 Running the Samples
  • 2.2 Best practices and FAQs

✓ Module 3: Unity Dev Environment Setup

  • 3.1 Prerequisites
  • 3.2 Folder Structure
  • 3.3 Package Manager Importing the SDK package
  • 3.4 Open XR Setup and Validation Page

✓ Module 4: Adding Headworn XR to Mobile Apps

  • 4.1 Dual Render Fusion overview
  • 4.2 Importing the extra package
  • 4.3 Importing the samples
  • 4.4 Run OpenXR project validation again
  • 4.5 Setup the Unity Editor for a testing environment with Dual Render Fusion
  • 4.6 Build and run Hello DRF

✓ Module 5: Snapdragon Spaces “Hello Cube” Example

  • 5.1 Start with an empty project
  • 5.2 Setup the minimum required components to build your first appe
  • 5.3 Test in Editor using the XR Device Simulato
  • 5.4 Build and Deploy to the DevKit

✓ Module 6: Snapdragon Spaces Core Samples Overview

  • 6.1 Import the Samples
  • 6.2 Add them to the build window
  • 6.3 Quick overview: What Features are supported in what demo scene?
    • Local Persistent Anchors
    • Image Tracking
    • Hit Testing
    • Plane Detection
    • Camera Frame Access
    • Spatial Mapping / Meshing
    • XR Interaction Toolkit
  • 5.4 Build and Deploy to the DevKit

✓ Module 7: Snapdragon Spaces Hand Tracking Samples

  • 7.1 Hand Tracking Overview
  • 7.2 Hand Tracking Import
  • 7.3 Hand Tracking Samples
  • 7.4 Use XR Device Simulator to test Hand Tracking in the Unity Editor
  • 7.5 Build and Run

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