MIT Reality Hack 2024: January 25-29

Join us at MIT Reality Hack – Snapdragon Spaces will be back at the highly anticipated MIT Reality Hack in 2024.

Get ready to #HackToTheFuture!

Snapdragon Spaces will be back at the highly anticipated MIT Reality Hack in 2024. Are you a developer,animator, 3D designer or simply a creative technologist with a passion for XR? Come hack the next generation of XR experiences using the Snapdragon extended realityoper Platform! Join us for an exciting week of coding, hacking and networking with your fellow Snapdragon Spaces developers from January 25 to 29, 2024 at at MIT in Cambridge, MA.

What is Snapdragon Spaces?

The Snapdragon Spaces Extended Reality SDK is a powerful framework to create AR, VR and MR apps for XR glasses on the Android mobile platform. You’ll be using Unity to build XR experiences on one of our supported devices using features like Hand Tracking, Dual Render Fusion, Positional Tracking, Local Anchors, Plane Detection and more. If you can dream it, we’d love to see how you can use Snapdragon Spaces to build it!

MIT Reality Hack Checklist

Love Snapdragon Spaces? Become a Student Ambassador!

At MIT Reality Hack 2024, we’re on a search for our inaugural batch of Snapdragon Spaces student ambassadors for the College Ambassadors and Developer Experience Trainee (i.e. “Spaces CADETs”) program. Selected students* will receive a Snapdragon Spaces developer kit for their personal use during the 12-month program, gain access to mentoring, networking opportunities with our Snapdragon Spaces product and developer ecosystem teams and more!


1. How do I apply to be a Snapdragon Spaces student ambassador?

If you are interested to apply, please submit your resume and XR project portfolio to the MIT Reality Hack organizers. They will then forward the information to our team for consideration. Please note that only successful applicants will be notified. For MIT students, please submit your information to the MIT XR Club leaders Mehek Gosalia and Luca De Bonet.

2. What is the duration of the program?

This program runs for a 12-month period starting in January 2024 till December 2024.

3. What are Snapdragon Spaces student ambassadors required to do as part of the program?

Our inaugural batch of CADETs will be our developer evangelists and advocates within the student community. They will train, motivate and inspire their peers to build exciting applications and experiences on Snapdragon Spaces. They will also host developer networking events in school and enable students to discover how Snapdragon Spaces can be a valuable tool to create quality XR experiences.

4. What benefits will Snapdragon Spaces student ambassador receive?

Our CADETs will receive a Snapdragon Spaces developer kit for their exclusive use during the 12-month program period, training on best practices in using Snapdragon Spaces, gain access to mentoring and networking opportunities in the developer community and build an impressive portfolio of XR community building experience.

Register today and #HackToTheFuture with Snapdragon Spaces!

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