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Kicking off the Snapdragon Spaces program with hubraum and T-Mobile US

After weeks of preparations, hubraum and the Snapdragon Spaces teams have gathered in Berlin to meet selected developers.

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Kicking off the Snapdragon Spaces program with hubraum and T-Mobile US

Berlin was buzzing the last week of June. After weeks of pitching, careful consideration, and preparations, hubraum and the Snapdragon Spaces™ teams have gathered in the capital of Germany to meet selected developers and officially kick off our joint Snapdragon Spaces XR developer program.

JULY, 21, 2022

Out of 174 companies that initially applied, 11 companies were selected into the program and got a chance to meet their peers, future mentors, and sparring partners. Business and XR leaders that joined the event from Deutsche Telekom, Qualcomm Technologies, Lenovo and Volucap provided the audience with a deep dive into the capabilities of the Snapdragon Spaces platform and shared their vision of the future of the XR industry.

Developer teams in turn contributed by taking the stage one by one to present their ideas of the apps and experiences they plan to bring in headworn AR using Snapdragon Spaces platform capabilities. Each team also received a hardware dev kit, containing the Lenovo ThinkReality A3 smart glasses and Motorola edge+ smartphone so they could start bringing their AR ideas to life.

The afternoon was spent in breakout sessions where each startup had a chance to sit down with their mentors, connect on a personal level and discuss the next steps for successful collaboration.

The sheer variety of use cases, target audiences, and creative ideas to apply headworn augmented reality that participants offered was impressive. The start-ups’ geography spans from the USA to Spain to Trinidad & Tobago, and industries vary from music (PatchXR) to children’s mental health (Tiny Giant Heroes), science (3D for Science), and wellness. The program is on a good path for a Demo Day in October 2022.

Over the next few months, we will continue working closely with the program participants to provide them with mentorship and support to bring their daring AR ideas to life and create value for their audiences.

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